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it was only a small problem, a personal and somewhat embarrassing moment. the girls at work knew, while the guys only had a sneaking suspicion. in the beginning of course the only other person that knew for sure, was sandy. 

the idea of partying with a very casual and mostly part time sex worker at the state conference had not been on his radar at all, but the too many beers, dinner and the remarkable lithe frame with a wonderfully titivating slice of breast had sunk him. in fact, it forced him into becoming a rampaging hormone laden young man with enough money to swim in the ocean of her sex. sadly he was 57, without enough hormones or stamina to swim out of the shallow, forget getting past the breaking waves.

the embarrassing point was the point itself. she was a pre-op young femme-fatale man and he only realised this major point in their relationship, when he found himself pleasuring “her”, in a way that very much reminded him of his own self pleasuring. it didn’t matter, he thought they were a great combination and announced to sandy that they should create a love-sex tape to outdo all others. this remarkable young creature proceeded to devour our hero and perform from new heights, just for the camera and just for him, forget close ups, the camera was very well hidden at times. it purred away as the couple, coupled on and on and on again.

the embarrassing thing was that the video had 8.75 million hits on an adult entertainment site. one of the girls from the office, debbie dee saw it. she’d had the dubious pleasure of recognizing his unique particulars, while enjoying her growing passion for online adult entertainment. this outstanding news didn’t stay secret for long, and soon enough the ladies had learnt of his love for the ladies and the men ( a confused state of nomenclature i agree ) and she felt let down by his lazy, “lying there and loving it” love making which was shown over and over again. in fact most of the girls had seen it for themselves online during lunch, over and over again.

the guys were keen and very interested to discover the major source of serious giggling around the office and determined to get some details. they did.

the embarrassing point for the newly crowned adult film-star was sandy walking into the office with the general manager … his / her dad.

shit, it was the shortest contract he had undertaken, he was sacked and humiliated, hit on by the strangest of people and scorned by many more. he had to leave his dream job, his home, as he lived in one of the company apartments and hand in his newly leased toyota prius. there was an up side though ….

remarkably, he was free to indulge in his new passion, which of course was passion, he was to become a male escort, specialising in the lazy boyfriend market. not much to do, just lay there and enjoy it. he was booked often.

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